Adoption from China - Costs and Fees

Costs and Fees for Adoption from China

Adoption from China - Costs and Fees     Adoption from China - Costs and Fees

The cost of adopting a child from China is approximately $15,000 to $25,000, including travel.

How much will it cost to adopt a Chinese child?

China's adoption program is less expensive that many other international adoption programs. China adoptions are structured and consistent. All fees are outlined in the beginning of the process. Unexpected "gifts" or "payments" are not a part of China's process.

Total expenses will include your registration, application, and Home Study fees. Additionally, there may be a home study review fee as well as a Program fee, Agency Service fee, Dossier fees for naturalization, authentication, and certification of documents, INS fees, state criminal, child abuse, and FBI clearances, Chinese governmental fees, post placement fees, and travel fees.

The total fee will vary depending on the agency you deal with to complete your adoption. Make sure when you are comparing agency costs that the services provided are comparable or identical.

Because of the structured nature of the adoption process in China combined with the overall honesty of the Chinese people, adopting families can feel confident that they will fly to China to receive the specific baby that was offered to them in their child referral, and that the fees will come reasonably close (within $50-$150) to the fee schedule presented to them by our adoption agency. This fee fluctuates because it is based on the province the child comes from but in general an adopting family should expect the whole process to cost somewhere between approximately $17,000 to $27,000 including travel.

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Adoption from China - Costs and Fees     Adoption from China - Costs and Fees