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International Adoption     International Adoption

The following government sites can be good resources during the international child adoption process.

Government Agencies A - Z

A listing of all U.S. Government Departments and Agencies. Use this listing to help you locate appropriate governmental offices that can help you with adoption.

Child Welfare for International Adoption

You may want to contact the local child welfare agency, such as the Department of Human Resources, Department of Public Welfare, or the Department of Child Protective Services. The professionals in these offices can be very helpful. This site will help you locate the appropriate state office.

Elected Officials

When used judiciously, and in consultation with your adoption agency, calls to the offices of your U.S. Senators and Representatives can be very helpful.

Help for Adopting Families by State

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 Alaska  Maine  Oklahoma
 Arizona  Maryland  Oregon
 Arkansas  Massachusetts  Pennsylvania
 California  Michigan  Rhode Island
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 Delaware  Missouri  Tennessee
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 Idaho  New Hampshire  Virginia
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 Indiana  New Mexico  West Virginia
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International Adoption     International Adoption