Gautemala Adoption Additional Information / Gautemala Adoption Additional Information

Additional Information for Adoption from Guatemala

Additional, information on the adoption of children from Guatemala.

Special Note: Currently the U.S. is Not Processing Guatemalan Adoptions

Maps and Information About Guatemala

Where can I find maps and more information about Guatemala?

U.S. Embassy in Guatemala 

Guatemala Travel and Etiquette: A Guide for Adoptive Families

Guatemala - Maps and information

Guatemala - General and specific information

Guatemala - Travel information  

Guatemala Adopt is for all persons interested in an international adoption and the Guatemalan adoption procedure, families who are currently adopting, and those who have already adopted from Guatemala.  

Older Kids Guatemala is a support list for parents adopting a Guatemalan child older than age one.

Other parent support groups for families who have adopted in Guatemala: (NY), (NJ), or (DC).