Adoption Support Groups - Russia

Adoption Support Groups for Russia Adoptions

Adoption Support Groups - Russia     Adoption Support Groups - Russia

The section will introduce you to many support groups for families who adopt children from Russia.

Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption

FRUA is an international parent support network for families who have adopted or are in the process of adopting from the former Soviet Union, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, and other Easter European countries. FRUA is not an adoption agency nor do they place children.

Parent Support Groups

Database of parent support groups contains almost 900 adoption-related support groups from across the United States and Canada. You can search the database by state or province, or by the type of group or the group's activity. The search term field allows you to enter in any information you like: contact name, group name, city, activity, etc.

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Adoption Support Groups - Russia     Adoption Support Groups - Russia