Russia Waiting Time to Adopt

Waiting Time to Adopt a Child from Russia

Russia Waiting Time to Adopt     Russia Waiting Time to Adopt

Generally it takes from four months to a year to adopt a child from Russia.

How Long Does it take to Adopt a Child from Russia?

The time will vary from as short as 4 months to longer than a year, with the "average" being approximately 9-11 months. The length of time your adoption will take depends on many factors including your motivation to complete your paperwork and the length of time it takes for acceptance of a child referral. To a large extent, the overall time frame of the adoption depends on you and what is going on politically in Russia at the time you begin your process. It is up to you to begin and complete a home study and to apply for, and receive, Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) approval via the 171-h INS form. Some families can complete their home study, dossier papers and INS clearance in a few months, but some take much longer.

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Additional Information

If you want additional information and help regarding a Russian adoption, please contact our adoption agency.

Russia Waiting Time to Adopt     Russia Waiting Time to Adopt