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China Adoption

International Child Adoption China

The basics of child adoption from China.

Overview of the Child Adoption Process for China

A general overview of international adoption will help you in understanding the basics of how the international child adoption process works, what you will need to accomplish in order to bring your adopted child to the USA, and then we try to answer the questions you may be most likely to ask.

Who can Adopt Children from China

Until December of 2006 the CCAA allowed singles and couples up to the age of 60 to adopt. These and other requirements changed as of December 21, 2006, when the China Center for Adoption Affairs (CCAA) officially notified the U.S. Embassy in Beijing of new rules for intercountry adoption from China.

Waiting Time for Adoption from China

Waiting time for Chinese adoptions will vary from 36-48 months. Usually, the biggest factor influencing the wait for a child will be the time it takes the CCAA to make a referral to a family.

China Adoption Process

A China adoption can be seen as taking place in these four steps.

Available Children for Adoption from China

Children available for adoption from China are as young as 3 months through approximately 13 years of age.  Typically the majority of the children are not younger than 7 months

Multiple Adoptions from China

Adopting more than one child from China is only possible by returning to China and repeating the adoption process.

Travel Issues for Adoption from China

Only one trip to China is necessary to complete an adoption. Prior to traveling to China, both the U.S. and Chinese governments must approve the adopting person(s) for the adoption of a Chinese child.

Costs and Fees for Adoption from China

China's adoption program is less expensive that many other international adoption programs.

Other Information for Chinese Adoptions

Provides several resources and miscellaneous information about China adoption.

Support Groups for Chinese Adoptions

Support groups for Chinese adoptions are available to all adopting families.  This can be a wonderful resource for you and your child.

China Center for Adoption Affairs

CCAA is China's Adoption Authority and all adoptions from China are handled through this agency.