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China Center for Adoption Affairs

The adoption of all children from China must go through the CCAA.

China Center for Adoption Affairs

The CCAA consists of several departments all concerned with the adoption of children from China.  The adoption of all children from China must go through the CCAA since China does not have a private adoption system available to foreigners.

Organization of the CCAA from the CCAA website

One office and eight departments are established in the China Center of Adoption Affairs. Their responsibilities are:

Administrative Office

Responsible for: receiving and delivering adoption documents and information; drafting general reports, proof-reading official documents, supervising and managing particular cases and doing confidential work; making external communications, offering consulting service about adoption policies, receiving foreign visitors, and coordinating with concrete matters for protection of interests of internationally adopted children; managing human resources, wages and fixed assets; and coordinating with work of different departments at the CCAA.

Adopter's Eligibility Review Department

Responsible for: verifying qualification of foreign adoption agencies; proposing concrete qualifying standards of foreign adopters who want to adopt in China; reviewing adoption application and relevant certifying documents submitted by foreign governments or adoption agencies appointed by foreign governments; making regular assessments of inter-country adoption practice of foreign adoption agencies which perform China adoption program; managing training of contact persons in China who are employed by foreign adoption agencies.

Child's Inter-Country Placement Department

Responsible for: selecting and placing adoptees for foreign adopters; making regular notifications of adoptees' status; communicating with adoption registry offices in provinces in case that problems arise during the course of registration; making studies and proposing regulations of inter-country adoption work in welfare institutions, making training courses and giving instructions.

Domestic Adoption Department

Responsible for: making investigations and studies to develop domestic adoption program and giving comments and suggestions on policy-making; making studies and proposing recommendations for regulating domestic adoption practice and assisting in implementing such regulations; developing consulting service for domestic adoption program; coordinating and undertaking domestic inter-province adoption service; undertaking daily work of the Tomorrow Plan which is launched by the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Child-Raising Department

Responsible for: making studies and proposing recommendations on scientific child-raising programs in social welfare institutions; making studies and proposing recommendations on criteria and standards for work of child-raising in social welfare institutions; undertaking management of training courses for child-raising in social welfare institutions; introducing and promoting advanced methods, programs and experiences for child-raising from within China or abroad.

Archives Management Department

Responsible for: making, for parties concerned, archives and records of adoption documents, certifying documents, and documents made out of review and approval formalities, and keeping them; receiving checks and inquiries about adoption archives; following up with post-adoption situation of adoptees.

Information and Technology Department

Responsible for: constructing information network at the CCAA; making studies and laying down plans on construction of information network for adoption program; organizing resources and developing software for management of adoption work; controlling and maintaining functions of internet and intranet at the CCAA; undertaking management of training courses for usage of computer operating system.

Finance Department

Responsible for: receiving adoption service fees from foreign adopters; receiving and supervising donation fees for projects given by foreign governments and adoption agencies; running and managing relevant funds and managing internal financial affairs at the CCAA.

General Affairs Department

Responsible for: managing real estate, letting and running offices; safeguarding and managing logistics.