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Support Groups for Adoption from China

Below are several adoption support groups that can assist you if you are considering adopting a child from China.

Our Chinese Daughters Foundation

OCDF is a non-profit foundation that supports families with children adopted from China. Established in 1995 and registered in the State of Illinois in 1996, Our Chinese Daughters Foundation supports adoptive families in many ways.  It offers culture-focused travel programs, Volunteer China Family Programs, and Chinese language and culture programs in China for families with adopted children with the goal to increase the child's understanding of Chinese history and culture. It also provides adoption facilitation services and pre-adoption/adoption travel in China and it sponsors two projects to help families connect to their child's orphanage.

Families with Children From China

FCC was an international internet resource that provided information to Families with Children from China. The purpose of FCC has been taken over by local FCC groups that provide a network of support for families who've adopted in China and to provide information to prospective parents. The local sites consolidate the information that has been put together by the families of FCC in order to make it easier for future parents to consider adopting from China. Use your search engine to local FCC groups in your local area and state.

China Cares Foundation

CCF has the mission to give Chinese orphans the opportunity for a life of love and American families the means to provide it.  They attempt to promote and facilitate the adoption of Chinese children into American families, improve the lives of orphans in China, and connect the two cultures of china and America.

Adoption Support Groups

Database of parent support groups contains almost 900 adoption-related support groups from across the United States and Canada. You can search the database by state or province, or by the type of group or the group's activity. The search term field allows you to enter in any information you like: contact name, group name, city, activity, etc.