China Travel Issues during Adoption Process / China Travel Issues during Adoption Process

Travel Issues during the China Adoption Process

Only one trip is necessary to adopt a child from China if you are approved for adoption by the US and Chinese governments before you travel to China.

What type of travel is involved to adopt a child from China?

Historically, a child adopted from China could be escorted to the U.S. so that the adopting persons did not have to travel to China.  This policy has undergone change at various times.  Accordingly, you should check with your U.S. based agency to find out the current requirement.

Only one trip to China is necessary to complete an adoption. Prior to traveling to China, both the U.S. and Chinese governments must approve the adopting person(s) for the adoption of a Chinese child; thus, the adopting family's referral will be made prior to your trip to China. Accordingly, you do not have to worry about traveling and not having an adoption take place.

In the case of a couple, both adopting persons do not have to travel to China.  However, if both parents do travel to China to receive their child, the adoption becomes finalized within the country. The parents are recognized as legal adoptive parents upon completion of paperwork in their child's province. The child is legally and forever theirs. If only one parent travels, that parent must be a U.S. citizen and the process is more complicated and re-adoption will have to take place in the U.S.  This is an issue that adopting persons should carefully explore with their U.S. based agency.

For your trip, the U.S. based agency should assist you in making your travel plans and representatives working with the agency should meet you and guide you through every step of the adoption process in China. While you are in China, families will usually stay at 4 or 5 star hotels, and have the opportunity to do some sightseeing. The average trip to China to complete an adoption takes 10-15 days.

The people of China are very friendly and very accepting of U.S. citizens adopting Chinese children. The Chinese are a gracious and hospitable people and you will enjoy getting to know both the people and their beautiful country and culture when you are traveling in China.