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Adoption Choices

International Child Adoption Choices

If you are considering adopting a child it is very important you understand the choices available to you and how they will impact you during the adoption process. Making the right choices can result in adopting a loving child into your home. Making the wrong choices can result in heartache and substantial financial losses.

Domestic versus International Adoption

The difference between these two involves much more than just what country the baby is coming from.

Adoption Agency versus Private Adoption

An international adoption arranged through a personal contact (often a foreign citizen, lawyer or a physician) or referral service can be extremely risky. Without a licensed adoption agency supervising the process, adoption can be a nightmare.

Agencies for International Adoption

Agencies come in a variety of forms. They can be for-profit or non-profit. They can be public or private. The most important fact for you to remember is that agencies are licensed, and you are advised to only work with a fully licensed non-profit agency.

Attorneys for International Adoption

If you have decided to work with a licensed adoption agency, you do not need to worry about obtaining an attorney.  If you are proceeding with a private adoption, then you should always obtain your own attorney.